Made in Chelsea’s Victoria Baker-Harber has had a baby after a secret pregnancy

The father hasn’t met the baby as he is currently in custody over fraud charges

Made in Chelsea star Victoria Baker-Harber has welcomed a baby, after keeping her pregnancy a secret.

The 32-year-old has revealed she gave birth to a baby girl a month ago, and has named her Gaia Grace. The father of the baby is Victoria’s partner, gallery owner Inigo Philbric.

Philbric hasn’t yet met his child as he is in the US and is currently being held in custody over fraud charges. He was arrested and charged with wire fraud and aggravated identity theft in July during Victoria’s pregnancy. His fraud scheme is said to be worth around $20million. Philbrick is reportedly in the same Oklahoma jail where Tiger King himself Joe Exotic was being held until recently.

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Victoria Baker-Harber spoke to Hello magazine about the pregnancy and raising a baby alone. She said: “As hard as its been not to have Inigo around, I’ve been lucky to have amazing friends and amazing family. I decided to keep my pregnancy under wraps because it’s sort of a private thing. It was only really my parents and closest friends I told to start with.”

She added: “I was convinced I was having a boy, utterly convinced. I even bought a few outfits. And then when I found out it was a girl I almost felt a sigh of relief, ‘cos I suddenly thought to myself, ‘What would I do with a boy?’ I guess you figure it out when it all happens.

“I am really excited for Gaia’s first Christmas, I am going to have all of my family around. Sadly probably won’t have Inigo around but as soon as I’m able to, I’m going to go and visit him so they can meet.

“I have to say, since little Gaia has arrived, my entire world has changed. My priorities have changed and she’s really my number one focus.”

Victoria and Inigo have reportedly been together since 2017.

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