Made in chelsea successful businesses

Ok, so just how successful are the Made in Chelsea side hustles really?

Candy Kittens made £10million in retail sales last year

It may shock you to learn this, but some of the Made in Chelsea cast actually work for a living. It’s obviously not the nine to five slog in a dingy office like the majority of the world of course. However a few cast members have pretty successful side hustle companies.

Nearly all of them have a project on the side that probably takes up a lot more of their time than filming cheating reveal scenes on the Kings Road.

Since the show started they’ve branched out and become CEOs of their own brands. A few have been genuinely successful, Jamie Laing’s Candy Kittens is now stocked in all the major supermarkets.

However not all of their business ventures have gone to plan. It turns out their massive social media following isn’t enough to bring in the money it needs to keep companies afloat. Many have shut down or are struggling financially.

So just how successful are the Made in Chelsea side hustles? We’ve ranked all the Made in Chelsea cast members’ business ventures that have occurred in the last nine years from major success to disastrous fails:

Jamie Laing’s Candy Kittens company

via Instagram @jamielaing

Jamie Laing and co-founder Ed Williams, launched Candy Kittens in 2012 and since then it’s gone from strength to strength.

The sweet range is now stocked in Waitrose, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, ASDA, Selfridges and Harrods amongst others.

In 2019 they had retail sales of £10 million and just recently announced they were being stocked in Walmart in America, so I’d say that’s pretty much a roaring success for Jamie.

Spencer Matthew’s CleanCo line

via Instagram @spencermatthews

His appearance on Celebrity Masterchef could be considered Spencer’s best achievement, but he’s actually started a pretty successful business.

Last year Spencer launched his low alcohol drink brand, called CleanCo which features a gin and a rum, each with an alcohol percentage of 1.2 per cent.

It’s now stocked in Sainsbury’s and the company has recently raised £7million in investment to transform and expand the business. He also received $2million in investment earlier this year and is planning to bring out a low alcohol vodka.

Ollie Locke’s dating app

via Instagram @ollielockeworld

And now we start with the businesses that have not gone as well as Candy Kittens. In 2017 Ollie Locke co-founded the dating app Chappy.

It was an app designed for gay men, almost as an antidote to the hookup culture found in other gay dating apps like Grindr. Ollie wanted to create a dating app that wasn’t just about sex.

Dating app giant Bumble invested in the company and earlier this year Chappy merged with Bumble. No numbers have ever been mentioned but Bumble made a profit of $240million in 2019, so even if Ollie was given a tiny percentage for Chappy, he must have been pretty happy.

Kimberley Garner’s swimwear company

via Instagram @kimberleygarner

Who could forget Kimberley? She was on the show for less than a year and yet caused so much drama. Since she left she’s been working on her swimwear brand – Kimberley London.

In 2018 the company had a net worth just over £100,000.

Proudlock’s jewellery company

via Instagram @proudlock

When Proudlock first appeared on Made in Chelsea he was already in the process of setting up Serge Denimes.

The jewellery brand has nearly 70k followers on Instagram and is stocked on ASOS and Wolf & Badger. But what about the money? Well last year they had a net worth of £67k.

Rosie Fortescue’s jewellery business

via Instagram @rosiefortescue

Jewellery seems to be a common theme for the ex Made in Chelsea stars. Rosie set up her jewellery business that sells lots of brightly coloured rings, bracelets and necklaces. It’s currently sold on their website and in Harvey Nichols.

Last year the company had a net worth just over £17,000.

Louise Thompson’s two businesses

via Instagram @louisethompson

Made in Chelsea veteran Louise Thompson has quite a lot of side hustles going on, apart from appearing on the show. She’s paid for influencing, but she also set up two companies on her own.

In 2012 she co-founded the athletic wear line Pocket Sport which is still up and running. And then last year she founded Live Like Louise.

The company basically consists of a bunch of exercise and meal plans. However the company isn’t exactly rolling in it, their net worth is just under £8,000.

Harry and Melissa’s loungewear company

via Instagram @harryukbaron

Surprisingly Harry and Melissa are still in a relationship and have even set up a loungewear brand together. Their company is called Ambience Vibes (yes really) and mainly sells sweatpants and sweatshirts.

The brand has just under 10k followers on Instagram and last year their net worth was just under £6k.

Tiffany Watson’s vegan brand

via Instagram @threesixfiveldn

Tiffany launched her vegan accessories brand Three Six Five London in 2017. They mainly sell bags and diaries in a vegan leather.

They’re stocked on Little Mistress, Not On The High Street and their own website. Last year they had a net worth just over £4k.

Hugo Taylor’s sunglasses brand

Eliza Batten in Taylor Morris Sunglasses via Instagram @taylormorrisofficial

Hugo co-founded his eyewear brand in 2013 with one of his good friends. Their sunglasses have been worn by Jack Whitehall, Holly Willoughby and Jim Chapman.

However the celebs haven’t been enough to make the company a success as it is now in liquidation.

And now for the companies that didn’t make it:

Lucy and Tiff Watson’s vegan restaurant

via Instagram @lucywatson

It was actually such a cool idea of the Watson sisters to create a vegan restaurant, especially with their dad who owns a bunch of pubs and could help them out.

They opened Tell Your Friends in Parsons Green in mid 2018, however the restaurant shut down two years later, just before coronavirus.

In a statement on their website the girls said they were sorry to announce the closure and couldn’t do it without their team.

They said: “We are sorry to announce that TYF London is now closed. We had two wonderful years at our Parsons Green home, and couldn’t have done any of it without our fantastic, loyal customers and dedicated team of staff.”

Millie Mackintosh’s clothing brand

via Instagram @milliemackintosh

When Millie Mackintosh announced she was doing a clothing brand it was like Christmas had come early in 2014. Her clothes ended up being sold on ASOS, however a lot of them were seemingly over priced, with one dress costing £350.

And then in 2018 Millie announced the line was closing and thanked everyone for their support.

Featured image credit via Instagram @louisethompson

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