Why is Beverley Callard exempt from some trials based on ‘medical grounds’?

Votes weren’t counted for her last night

When we have it in for someone on I’m A Celeb we expect to be able to dish out a gruelling challenge for them when we cast our votes, but it seems that one celeb is occasionally going to be exempt from this. If you watched I’m A Celeb last night you’ll have noticed that, as the votes were announced, we were told by Ant and Dec that Beverley Callard was exempt from the trial based on “medical grounds”.

But which “medical grounds” mean that Beverley Callard is exempt from certain trials? How come she can still do the majority of challenges? And what about last night’s challenge meant that Beverley Callard couldn’t partake due to “medical grounds?

Which medical grounds make Beverley Callard exempt from some challenges?

Last night Beverley Callard insisted that she “wasn’t a wuss” as it was announced that she wouldn’t have to partake in the trial on medical grounds, and Shane ended up getting voted to do the challenge, but why couldn’t she take part?

Beverley recently underwent hip surgery and even came close to not being able to partake in I’m A Celeb at all. Speaking to Metro before going into the castle, she told them that she wouldn’t like it if the UK public were told that she couldn’t do a challenge for medical reasons: “I would hate it if they said, ‘Beverley can’t take part in this because of medical reasons’. I don’t want to be thought of as a wuss. Definitely not. That would drive me insane.”

Although it seems that certain physical challenges in which she may be forced to strain herself are off the cards for Beverley, she stressed that she’s still very physically able: “Everything else I can do. I can walk, I can go upstairs, I can do everything. I have not missed one physio session. I’ve done hydrotherapy. I’ve done the whole lot. Believe me, I’ve worked my socks off to be here.”

This isn’t the first time she’s taken part in challenges differently to other contestants. For the first eating trials of the series, Beverley Callard was given vegan options which critics called “easier” than Vernon and Jordan’s selection.

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