‘Scars from abuse made me insecure’: Bella Poarch shares why she has so many tattoos

‘I had a rough childhood’

Bella Poarch has told fans that the reason she has such extensive tattoo work covering her body is due to abuse that she suffered as a child.

In her latest TikTok video, she responds to a comment from one user that says: “Why do you have so many tattoos? They don’t fit you” by showing large tattoos covering her arm and body.

The caption of the video claims: “My scars from abuse made me insecure. And so I had to cover up my scars with tattoos.”

@bellapoarchReply to @omgtheykilldkenny I had a rough childhood. My scars from abuse made me insecure. And so I had to cover up my scars with tattoos.♬ This Is Home – Cavetown

In the comments section, Bella goes on to send an uplifting message to anyone watching the video: “I wasn’t comfortable posting this… but if you’re having a hard time right now, just know that you’re not alone and you’ll make it through this. You are brave and strong.”

Bella recently came under fire after fans claimed her rising sun tattoo was offensive to South Koreans because of its association with Japanese imperialism. She later had it removed and tweeted: “I apologize to Koreans because six months ago I got a tattoo of the red sun with 16 rays.

“At that time, I didn’t know the history. But when I found out, I immediately had it covered and scheduled for removal. I am ashamed of myself for not doing my research. I sincerely apologize.”

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