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Here are just 55 quality memes about the US election

Nevada, by all means move at a glacial pace, you know how that thrills me

The 2020 US election has been going on for what feels like 84 years, when in reality it’s only been a few days but in that short time of everyone being glued to their phones, a lot of funny election memes have been created.

The results of the election are getting closer, with the news that Biden is now ahead in Georgia. But the last few days have brought a lot of election related drama including Trump’s call to stop the vote count which resulted in some very funny “stop the count!” memes.

There’s also been Nevada’s incredibly slow pace at counting votes, constant refreshing of all news sites and an influx of mail in votes that could change the election. Not only could it change the election but it’s also created many, many quality election memes and these are 55 of the best election memes so far:

1. Please pick up the pace Nevada

2. Mood for the last few days

3. That was so tiring

4. My kind of election

5. If only the lineup was this good

6. Enjoy the votes

7. Will it ever end?

8. The only person who should be running the USA

9. I’m on my way

10. Just this week’s vibe

11. Hhahha dying

12. The Baudelaire children have seen this all before

13. Always here for a Selling Sunset reference

14. Seriously, just escort them from the building

15. Work? I don’t know her.

16. Lol as if that was gonna happen

17. Oops x

18. No one wants to be that friend

19. Sweet, sweet Georgia

20. Hits refresh

21. Let’s be havin you

22. Can always rely on Paris

23. Take your time, we ain’t got nothing to do

24. That’s what you thought

25. Accurate

26. Anyone want to explain this to me?

27. Imagine if Joe Biden was Jedward’s grandpa?

28. Can’t believe this photo of me is going around

29. I quit

30. I am Dot, Dot is me

31. Tbf John Barrowman is the expert we all need

32. New source of entertainment

33. It just won’t finish loading

34. Why have I never seen this video of Selena before?

35. Always better watching another country’s shit show

36. That’s a blast from the past

37. Would you now?

38. Far less stressful

39. There you go

40. Asking for a friend

41. Lol

42. I’m laughing but really crying

43. Will happily wait if this is the result

44. Can’t wait to see him at the reunion

45. Not today Netflix please

46. I’m like two minutes away

47. Classic

48. Just popping in for some laughs

49. The group project from hell

50. So much fun

51. Pure facts

52. They really think they’re something special

53. The same energy

54. Definitely not as sweet

55. And finally, so iconic

Featured image credit before edits: Element5 Digital on Unsplash

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