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‘Stop the count!’ memes: The 23 funniest reactions to *that* Trump tweet

Because if I don’t laugh, I’ll cry

The United States election is currently a bit of a disaster and naturally Donald Trump has added fuel to the fire by tweeting “stop the count!” as a few states still have votes to count and submit. And whilst this has naturally angered people it has also created some quality stop the count memes.

Arizona, Georgia and Nevada are expected to release their vote results today. However Donald Trump has launched a lawsuit in Nevada, the state which could allow Joe Biden to win the presidency if he secures its six electoral seats.

Regardless of the political situation, we can depend on people to take Trump’s tweets and make them into funny memes. Today’s takes the piss out of his “Stop the count!” tweet which people are applying to Count Olaf, Dracula and the calories in a McDonald’s meal.

Here are the 23 funniest stop the count memes:

1. It’s about damn time

2. The real numbers we should be counting

3. I actually can’t get any older

4. Now this is pressure

5. I am ready!

6. What a throwback

7. He must be stopped

8. Just added a few lil extra words

9. Draco was pissed as hell

10. Those poor kids

11. Guys remember it’s only three people, ok?

12. I have no toxic traits, zero

13. A sensible 74

14. Will be all year adding that up

15. I don’t want to play anymore

16. No one needs that information rn

17. That must have hurt

18. Someone get him!

19. Leave him be

20. Glad to see you’re showing your support

21. Hehehee

22. If only

23. Never ran faster in my life

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