People on TikTok have turned Ratatouille into a musical and honestly I love it

‘Remy, the ratatouille, the rat of all my dreams’

2007 was the most culturally important year of this century, and it’s not because it’s the year when the first iPhone was launched, or when Miley Cyrus went on her Best of Both Worlds tour. No, 2007 will forever be remembered as the year Ratatouille was released.

Ratatouille is objectively the best Pixar film ever made, but now TikTok creators have given it a whole new lease of life by making their own version: Ratatouille the Musical.

People on TikTok have written lyrics, composed music and choreographed dance moves, all to turn Ratatouille into a musical – and the videos are absolutely everywhere.

When did the Ratatouille musical start on TikTok?

The first instance of a Ratatouille musical TikTok was back in August, with user @e_jaccs singing in a high-pitched voice about Remy, the rat in Ratatouille: “Remy, the ratatouille, the rat of all my dreams,

“I praise you, my ratatouille,

“May the world remember your name.”

Right now, the video has had almost 73k likes and 454k views.

What are people doing on TikTok for the Ratatouille musical?

Honestly, what haven’t they done? When you click on the audio of the original Ratatouille musical TikTok, you can see it’s been used 10.5k times.

People have been dueting the original video, to add music and additional singing voices, until you get this certified banger:

Here’s someone using that song to “audition to play Remy“:

However, there’s not just the I Praise You, My Ratatouille song. People have been writing lyrics and music for the rest of the Ratatouille TikTok musical.

Here’s Trash is Our Treasure, an ode to rubbish, to be sung by Remy’s rat dad. Someone else has choreographed a dance for it, complete with props:

Here’s the chef Colette singing to Linguini, the man who Remy controls:

And here’s a song for Anton Ego, the food critic in Ratatouille:

People have even been making TikToks to figure out how the Ratatouille musical staging would work “to deal with the rat-human size ratio conundrum,” which obviously wasn’t an issue in the film because they could just animate a rat:

Last week there was a TikTok account made, called @ratatouillemusical, asking people to audition, create songs and choreograph dance moves for the Ratatouille musical. It already has almost 67k followers, but obviously isn’t actually anything to do with Disney.

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