Enola Holmes cast ages: This is how old the Sherlock film actors are in real life

Millie Bobby Brown’s the exact same age as Enola!

Enola Holmes dropped on Netflix this week, and is Netflix’s newest offering for Sherlock films. Milly Bobby Brown plays Enola, Sherlock’s younger sister, and the film shows Enola following in her brother’s footsteps to solve two mysteries. It was filmed in some absolutely beaut locations, and aside from Millie the rest of the cast is pretty famous, too. But how old are they all?

Warning: Some spoilers for Enola Holmes ahead

Here are all the real life ages of the cast of Enola Holmes on Netflix:

Millie Bobby Brown – 16

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Millie Bobby Brown plays the main character, Enola Holmes. She was also a producer for the film. She was born in 2004, making her 16 – the same age as her character, Enola, who’s 16th birthday features in the film.

Louis Partridge – 17

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Louis Partridge plays Viscount Tewkesbury, Enola’s friend. He’s a year older than Millie, aged 17. His Instagram has grown loads since the film’s release – he’s already on almost 750k followers.

Sam Claflin – 34

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Sam Claflin plays Mycroft Holmes, Sherlock and Enola’s brother. He’s 34, and has two children with his ex-wife, actress Laura Haddock.

Henry Cavill – 37

enola holmes, ages, how old, netflix, sherlock, millie bobby brown

Henry Cavill plays Sherlock Holmes, Enola’s older brother – and, y’know, Sherlock. In real life, he’s 37. Mycroft is actually Sherlock’s older brother, but Henry’s older than Sam, who plays Mycroft. Wild.

Frances de la Tour – 76

Frances de la Tour plays The Dowager, Tewkesbury’s grandmother who Enola meets when she visits their house. Fun fact: The location that house was filmed in, is also the location for the Jonas Brothers’ Sucker music video. Anyway, Frances is 76 years old.

Helena Bonham Carter – 54

Helena Bonham Carter plays Mrs. Holmes, Enola, Sherlock and Mycroft’s mother. She’s 54 years old, and you definitely recognise her from being in pretty much every film on the planet, including Harry Potter.

Fiona Shaw – 62

Fiona Shaw plays Miss Harrison, the woman who runs the finishing school Enola gets sent to by Mycroft. Another Harry Potter actress, Fiona is 62 years old.

Adeel Akhtar – 40

Adeel Akhtar plays Lestrade, the inspector employed by Mycroft to find Enola. He’s 40 years old.

Susie Wokoma – 32

Susie Wokoma plays Edith, the jiu jitsu instructor Enola finds in London. Susie’s 32 years old, and has also been in Chewing Gum and Crashing.

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