Okay, but can we talk real quick about how great the outfits are in The Duchess?

You need to watch it just for the headbands

The Duchess is Netflix’s newest series, created by and starring Katherine Ryan. I could barely pay attention to any of the plot, because I was too busy focusing on the real star of the show: Katherine Ryan’s wardrobe. Every single one of the outfits in The Duchess is, and I cannot stress this enough, sublime.

The stylist behind the outfits in The Duchess is Jennifer Michalski-Bra, Katherine’s personal stylist who also worked on Gossip Girl. I’m sure Blair Waldorf herself would approve of Katherine’s many headbands, which feature heavily throughout The Duchess.

Here are some of the best ‘fits of The Duchess – and every single one is iconic:

This is the opening scene of The Duchess and the outfits only get better from here

This is so chaotic but I love every single part of it. The fringed pyjamas, the jumper chucked over them, the fact it says “world’s smallest pussy” on it. If I have kids this is the only way I will ever be doing the school run.

A fully red, monochrome look

Only Queen Katherine herself would have the balls to wear monochrome bright-red, including a full tulle skirt.

Honourable mention: The headbands

Katherine wears a new headband in pretty much every scene – and each is more incred than the next. There are apparently 12 in total, all designed by Victoria Percival, who first worked with real-life Katherine when she made one for her to wear at her wedding. Each one is bespoke and takes around 15 hours to make by hand, which is quite frankly insane.

The greatest umbrella I have ever seen

Looking past the coat, bag and headband, which are all fire in their own right, can we talk about this holographic umbrella? I’m not being dramatic when I say I NEED it.

Sequins, absolutely everywhere

If there’s one thing the outfits in The Duchess are full of other than headbands, it’s sequins. Apparently Katherine Ryan can’t get enough of them and to be honest neither can I – look at that coat.

Wearing a floor-length purple sequinned jacket is the only acceptable way of walking into a pub you know your ex is in.

There are more suits than you will ever even dream of owning

the duchess, katherine ryan, outfits, clothes, netflix

The only thing more iconic than this mint green suit (and matching headband, obv) is the fact Katherine is walking along whilst carrying an actual mug. I wish I’d realised this was an option for my walk to uni – 9ams would have been so much more bearable.

the duchess, katherine ryan, outfits, clothes, netflix

This sheer purple shirt is incredible, and bringing champagne (with flutes) to celebrate your mate’s plastic surgery is just legend behaviour.

I will not rest until I have this satin jacket

the duchess, katherine ryan, outfits, clothes, netflix

If I’m being totally honest I could not tell you a single thing that happened in this scene, because I was too busy watching this jacket. I beg you watch The Duchess for this coat, and this alone.

This kiiiind of looks like a child dressed her, but it works

the duchess, katherine ryan, outfits, clothes, netflix

Okay so at first I wasn’t sure, but this look has 100 per cent grown on me. The dress looks like something a kid would wear to a birthday party – but in a good way? And it somehow works layered with the top, and the oversized floral blazer.

If you have to go to your ex’s wedding, do it like this

the duchess, katherine ryan, outfits, clothes, netflix

This is the final one Katherine Ryan’s outfits in The Duchess, and what a look to go out on. She has to go to her ex’s wedding, so wears this satin green jumpsuit with a cape/skirt thing on the back. Honestly, she upstages the bride – and I’m sure Katherine knew exactly what she was doing.

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