These 23 The Duchess memes are almost as good as Katherine Ryan’s headbands

All hail Queen Katherine

Katherine Ryan’s The Duchess is the newest series dropped on Netflix, and I cannot stop thinking about it. Every single item of clothing is absolute fire, her house is incredible, and honestly I just think I’m a little bit in love with Katherine Ryan.

Naturally, everyone else is obsessed with Katherine Ryan and absolutely everything about her character in The Duchess. Here are the best memes about and reactions to The Duchess on Netflix so far:

1. The only kind of grown-up I want to be

2. The true star of the show

3. It’s Monica and Rachel’s apartment all over again

4. Where is the lie though?


6. I love her x

7. Yes please and thank you

8. All hail Queen Katherine

9. I couldn’t agree more

10. I will never be over the feather-trimmed pyjamas

11. An inside mug? Outside??

12. The umbrella is my all-time fave

13. None of you can spell and Katherine Ryan has had enough 

14. As if we needed any more proof

15. Six episodes are NOT enough

16. Can I move in to her house, please?

17. My life’s goal

18. How can I get on The Duchess side of TikTok??

19. They are all I want in this world

20. Iconic

21. Too late, it’s already happened

22. I hate myself for watching it so quickly

23. I would like to buy it all please x

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