Pret launches £20 monthly subscription service where you can get five drinks a day

This is madness

Pret a Manger is launching a new subscription service for £20 a month which will allow customers to have up to five drinks per day.

This new service would allow you to have up to 150 drinks per month for just £20. This is insane. Usually buying five cappuccinos a day for 30 days would cost you £360 and now you can get it for just £20. I think I need to sit down.

Not only will the offer cover all barista made coffees but it will also include smoothies, tea, hot chocolate, iced coffee and frappes.

The new offer is starting next Tuesday and the drinks have to be brought at least 30 minutes apart and can only be for one person.

Pret’s director of coffee and packaging, Briony Raven, said the new scheme was Pret’s way of doing loyalty and having customers think of Pret as their default coffee place.

She said: “It’s Pret’s way of doing loyalty. It’s about giving people an easy choice, when they come back into their everyday routine.”

The Chief Executive of Pret, Pano Christou, said the scheme is to get people back to what they’ve missed and start their day off strong.

He said: “As people across the UK begin to get back to the things they’ve missed, our new subscription service is perfect for customers who have been craving one of our barista-prepared drinks.

“Whether you’re a coffee enthusiast or tea devotee, we hope this new service helps you start your day strong.

“This is just the first step in our plan to bring Pret to more people. We now have the building blocks to establish Pret as a multichannel, digitally-led business, and YourPret Barista is the first big launch we’re able to deliver through our new technology platform.”

Right well I’m off to Pret.

Featured image credit: Mtaylor848 / Creative Commons Licence

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