Ok but where are viral YouTube grime artists Millie B and Sophie Aspin now?

M to the B has a baby and sells Avon!!

The world needs some answers, where on earth are iconic YouTube sensations Millie B and Sophie Aspin now? You definitely remember their back and forth diss tracks – but like, what happens to a person who goes viral like that? Can you ever shake that persona off?

The unforgettable Millie B song has come back into the world recently, with audio from the infamous video starting to crop up on TikTok. People have been using it as a lip sync style video background, and they’ve been going viral.

But what have Millie B and Sophie Aspin been up to since? Here are all the answers.

Millie B and Sophie Aspin rose to fame as part of BGMedia

You might be familiar with Millie B and Sophie Aspin from your days of watching and rinsing YouTube videos back at school. The beef these two had was peak 2010s drama.

In August 2016, the pair changed the Blackpool grime scene forever. On the BGMedia YouTube channel, they went back and forth with diss tracks, publicly airing how much they hated one another. Millie B’s most famous was simply “Millie B (Sophie Aspin Send)” and Sophie Aspin replied with another track, featuring Little T.

Millie B’s song was pretty scathing. It took place iconically in KFC and Lidl and sent for Sophie Aspin saying she was getting murked and asking if she wanted to borrow a blender for her contour. Harsh. After watching the video you’ll definitely have “M to the B” stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

And Aspin’s reply didn’t hold back either. Sophie Aspin was just 12-years-old when she began throwing classic 2010’s insults like calling Millie B a “sket” and saying she was going “bury” her.

Aspin called herself the grime queen, which is a pretty bold statement. In her other videos, you probably remember Sophie for classic lines such as “you’re gonna get pared by Aspin’s bars”. Art.

“Millie B you’re shit. Don’t act sad.” I felt that.

Obviously these videos got more rinsed than respected, but it definitely created a name for both Millie B and Sophie Aspin. The videos got millions of views.

Since, Sophie Aspin has been pursuing a career as a legitimate musician

Sophie Aspin is now 18-years-old and is trying to make it big as a musician. She has a new, more squeaky clean, YouTube channel where she shares some music videos and has done a “get ready with me” video. The channel, SophAspinMusic, has just under 10k subscribers.

via Instagram @sophaspinmusic

She also appeared in a short documentary with Channel 4 last year, where she spoke about leaving grime behind to go into mainstream music. The documentary is six minutes long and starts with Sophie sitting down with her family and discussing the old videos.

She writes one last “send” song to end her grime career and move forward. She says: “I really want to go on with my singing, to something more mainstream”. She explains that she can’t even watch the old videos anymore, and is embarrassed that her children may one day see them. She talks about rebranding herself as she leaves all that behind.

Her Instagram is completely different to how she used to be. She has 127k followers and has ditched the contour Millie B used to insult her over. She posts loads of selfies and holiday pics, and even posted a price list for how much she charges for social media posts these days. In case you’re wondering, it’s £30 for an Instagram story, and between £35 and £200 for a post on her Instagram page – depending on how long you want her to keep it up for.

via Instagram @sophaspinmusic

People still comment “M to the B” on all of her Instagram photos though, classic.

Millie B has gone much quieter since her YouTube fame days

Millie B, real name Millie Bracewell, is 20-years-old now, and seems to have gone much more quiet than Sophie has. She has 25k followers on Instagram – but has made her account private. According to her Facebook page, she has a two year old baby girl!! Gracie-Lee was born in September 2018.

She also runs a business Facebook page where she sells Avon products, called Avon with Millie.

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