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‘It’s M to the B’ TikTok audio: Where did the viral TikTok earworm come from?


Watching TikTok over the last two weeks, you will have heard an audio clip so repetitive and annoying that you essentially have no choice but to let it live in your head for as long as it requires. No, we’re not talking about “it’s Unknown T, Homerton B” – although that is a certi-banger. No, we’re discussing the “It’s M to the B” TikTok audio. It’s not a stretch to say that Millie B has been around since the days of peanutting your mates in the playground, so it’s especially weird to see cutesy girls on TikTok using the audio and getting millions of views.

But where did the “It’s M to the B” TikTok audio come from? Who is Millie B from BG Media and why was she making this video about Sophie Aspin? And since when did kids in Blackpool make grime music?! Luckily, we’re here to explain where the “It’s M to the B” TikTok audio came from.

Where did the ‘It’s M to the B’ TikTok audio come from?

The world was permanently changed for the worse in December 2016 when the latest in an ongoing series of diss tracks was dropped by Millie B, a Blackpool grime artist taking aim at another star at the time by the name of Sophie Aspin.

The two had a very public back and forth through the BG Media YouTube page, which posted rapping clips from some of the up and coming grime talent in the surrounding Blackpool area. Popular rappers who regularly featured on the channel included Little T and Afghan Dan, who would both regularly “send for” other people in the scene.

Although the beef didn’t seem to be completely serious between Millie B and Sophie Aspin, there are a few low blows on Millie’s part, such as that she’s heard all of the boys in Blackpool say that her fellatio skills are substandard.

At the time, the rappers were heavily covered and mocked by a range of YouTubers, most notably WillNE who made various videos commentating on the rappers. He has since credited a lot of his popularity on the platform to covering Blackpool BG Media rappers.

How did the “It’s M to the B” audio become so big on TikTok?

A whole four years on from the original videos dropping on YouTube, audio from the infamous Millie B video started to crop up on TikTok. The most obvious example that brought a new lease of virality to the clip came when user @bellapoarch uploaded a cutesy lipsync video of the audio where she used the face zoom filter to give the video a weird tracking kind of style:

@bellapoarchTo the 🐝 🐝 🐝 ##fyp♬ Millie B – Soph Aspin Send – lamadabe

It’s safe to say that the video went COMPLETELY viral, with nearly 15 million likes to date. The style of video was most likely popularised by e-girls such as Belle Delphine, who would often upload videos with peculiar facial expressions (such as crossing eyes) to accompany their lipsyncing.

Since Bella’s video, however, there have been a number of similar videos made with the audio, both going with the same style as hers as well as, obviously, mocking it. Here are some of the more notable examples:

@ajgalangzJUST TRYING TO HOP ON THE TREND WATCH TIL’ THE END!!!🙃 ##fyp ##ajgalangz♬ Millie B – Soph Aspin Send – lamadabe

@stivensonjОригинал у @bellapoarch кстати ##putin ##путин ##ввп ##рек ##кек ##fyp♬ Millie B – Soph Aspin Send – lamadabe

@hanamartinxI’m British btw but like, why are other British people so pressed when Americans use this sound😭 ##orchidmantis ##petsoftiktok♬ Millie B – Soph Aspin Send – lamadabe

@nikitich_xУместил кого смог) хотите продолжение?) ##коллажбан ##самданабис♬ Millie B – Soph Aspin Send – lamadabe

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