weakest link quiz

It’s been 20 years since it started, so how far would you get on The Weakest Link?

Anne Robinson wouldn’t be impressed with you

On the 14th August The Weakest Link celebrated 20 years since the first episode aired. Over 1,000 episodes later and the show ended but not without many insults from Anne, big money losses and a load of trivia questions.

Rewatching the first episode and there was quite a bit of drama. After she had been voted off, one contestant suggested two contestants were conspiring against another to kick him off the show. The winner only walked a way with £1,880 out of a possible £10,000 and Ann naturally threw shade at everyone, including the winner.

But just how far would you have got on that very first episode? Would you be able to answer all the questions correctly? Would you throw people under the bus and vote off the smartest contestants? And just how well would you handle Anne’s insults?

Well we’ve created a quiz to test just how far you’d get in The Weakest Link with a combination of actual questions asked in the first episode, to what thing would Anne insult you on during the game.

Take this quiz to see how far you’d get in The Weakest Link:

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