How many million pound questions would you actually get right?

If you can get more than 8, you’re a genius

Quiz on ITV is the only show everyone is interested in right now. And when watching you’ve probably wandered how far you would get and how much money you’d win. What if you got to the million pound question? Would you be phoning a friend? Going 50/50? Or just taking the £500k.

Well if you got Charles Ingram’s million pound question right, do you reckon you could get another 12 correct? 13 people made it to the million pound question stage and five got their question right and won £1 million. So would you do better than them or is Chris Tarrant going to be taking your cheque away and ripping it up into teeny tiny pieces.

Take this quiz to see how many million pound questions you’d get right:

Featured image credit: ITV

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