These are the 13 types of girls you will encounter at every single pres

There’s always one texting her ex

Most girls’ pres are usually the same. Everyone is wearing jeans and a nice top, drinking either vodka and some mixer, a £5 bottle of wine or prosecco if you’re feeling boujee. Some form of cringe music is definitely playing in the background. ABBA anyone? Pictures will be staged and you will decoding just what Max meant when he said he “might be out” tonight.

Though these pres all seem the same, each group will have many different types of girl that makes up the legendary evening of a girls’ pres. There’s the one who peaks too early, the one crying about her ex and occasionally the one who starts a fight. It just wouldn’t be a night out without Sophie kicking off.

Everyone of us fits into a type of girl or maybe even a combo of two. Maybe you’re the one who’s just got a new boyfriend and the one committed to lining her stomach. Unlikely, because you’ll usually leave the club by 1am to go have cuddles with Josh. But hey, we can we always hope.

These are the 13 types of girls you will encounter at a girls’ pres:

The one who peaked too early

It’s probably Jess right? The instigator of all drinking games is now a complete mess and you’re wondering if she’s gonna vom before she gets to the club or whether you’ll spend your night holding her hair back in the toilets. She started drinking as early as possible and was necking the bottle of Blossom Hill like there’s no tomorrow. She will of course want to go out the next night on account of spending the entire evening regretting her life choices.

The one who’s just got a new boyfriend

Omg I’d love to see another picture of Jack, nothing would make my evening better. One of the girls is naturally going to have a new boyfriend and you will spend your whole night listening to her go on and on about him, yeah ok there’s a few problems but he’s just the one you know? She will only take sips from her drink, will be texting him the whole night and have left the club by 1am to go and have cuddles with him.

The one who’s just got dumped

You have to keep her and the girl above separated all night. The girl who just got dumped will start her evening saying this is the best night of her life, she’ll want to take a billion pictures, just in case he sees it. A glass of wine is attached to her hand at all times. By the time the taxi turns up though she is angrily crying and you’re prying the phone out of her hand so she doesn’t send him yet another drunken “I miss you” text.

The one who is on the pull

This girl loves a flirtatious drinking game and is probably drinking vodka and something. If there are boys at your pres forget about talking to her all evening. If it’s a girls only pres then expect her to be taking fit pictures for her Instagram and casually messaging a few boys to see who is out tonight.

The one who is committed with lining her stomach

She’s had three square meals already and has snacked throughout the day. She will also probably be munching on some crisps throughout pres as she cannot, I repeat, cannot have a hangover tomorrow. If anyone tells her to down her drink they will not get what they want, she has had too many bad experiences recently and needs to keep her liver in tact. Of course at 3am you will find her downing shots. But hey, at least she tried.

The one who knows the promoter

She will be dressed in PrettyLittleThing, wear heels, spend two hours on her makeup and be stuck to her phone the whole evening. She loves a cocktail as they just look great in an Insta pic, and don’t think of taking her to a club without table service. But tbf, without her you’d be stuck in a queue the whole evening and paying a ridiculous price for drinks.

The housemate who has decided last minute to come

All week she’s said no, she has “too much work” to do and couldn’t possibly go on a night out as she needs her sleep. Before pres she’s off to settle into bed with a hot chocolate and a box set, but then she hears the music and knows she can’t resist an evening of cheap booze. She will be doing her makeup whilst you’re all doing shots and she’ll beg you all not to start without her as she throws on her trainers. She’ll down loads of drinks to catch up and will then have the worst hangover out of everyone the next day.

The one who starts an argument

Drunk girl angry is another league. It can be the tiniest thing and suddenly Beth is popping off in the corner because Sarah said something about her last week. She will be raging, drink in hand, and shouting at everyone. You’ll eventually calm her down with the prospect of cheesy chips at the end of the night, but she will not be speaking to Sarah.

The friend of a friend no one knows

She’s your housemate’s friend from her psychology seminar. No one really knows why she’s here. Your housemate will eventually get bored of being the only one who knows her and so wanders off leaving you to make the awkward small talk. She’s nice and sweet but by the time you get into the club you have no idea where she is.

The one who “knows a great dealer”

A night out for her just isn’t the same without a pair of flares and some ket. She will spend most of the night texting her dealer who will give you guys a “great deal” and then spend the next day texting you demanding money for the line you had.

The one who has organised everything

From their carefully crafted playlist, to a selection of actual glasses (not mugs), to pre booking the taxi, to every single drinking game you’re going to play she has everything under control. This WILL be a fun night.

The one obsessed with photos

Prosecco in hand, she is the easily the best dressed out of the group, probably in head to toe Zara. She will easily become very annoying as she will keep on asking you to get a picture for her Instagram. “Oh just a few more the lighting isn’t right!” you will get very bored of her very quickly, and she loves a group shot so she doesn’t look incredibly vain. She obvs will only put up the pictures where she looks good. But when she’s taking photos all night the next day you will be thankful as you’ve now got a fit pic for your Insta.

The one obsessed with games

She’s kind of like a bruh girl. She will be the first one ready and literally only took 15 minutes to put her makeup on. She might even be drinking tinnies rather than a £5 wine bottle. She’ll always want to play games like Ring of Fire and is obsessed with downing drinks. Hey, she’ll probably even down your drink for you. She is the girl that holds the group together, is drama free and can guaranteed to break up any fights with a round of shots.

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