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Just 28 memes that will make you love Klaus Hargreeves even more than you already do


Klaus Hargreeves is the nation’s baby. He is well dressed, rowdy, badly behaved and debauched – but we love him. As the old adage goes: I’m not really sure if I want to be him, or be on him? Either way, there’s always room for more Klaus content in our lives.

So, to fill that Klaus shaped hole in your heart (if you’ve finished the series – if you haven’t, you probably still want more Klaus content anyway, he’s that good) we’ve collected some of the FINEST memes from across the globe, all about Klaus. It’s all Klaus all the time baby!!! Anyway, here you go. Ladies and gents, get ready to feel confusingly maternal and horny!

1. He is my eternal inspiration

2. We stan Klaus Hargreeves and Klaus only in this house

3. Only true Misfits stans will remember

4. An actual icon

5. You gotta rate his sense of self-worth


7. FIT. Fit. Fit fit fit.

8. He’s baby

9. He protec

10. Big dick energy

11. Do you agree? (You have to agree)

12. CONTROVERSIAL (apart from Luther)

13. And that’s facts

14. 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺

15. This is true tho

16. I’m sorry I never get sick of these rating memes

17. This literally fills me with love. I am full

18. The dynamic duo

19. No but fr tho

20. Like, fr fr

21. He actually? Stuns me?

22. He on some ghost shit

23. God I just love a fan cam

24. He do be stuntin’ tho

25. I would genuinely wear every piece of this wardrobe. Every piece

26. Yes!

27. Didn’t know I needed this but I did

28. And, finally

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