These 23 Umbrella Academy Season 2 memes are so good they could stop an apocalypse

Another apocalypse? Another set of memes

It’s here. The Umbrella Academy season two has arrived on Netflix, and almost as soon as the Hargreeves kids were back on our screens they were stopping yet another apocalypse.

Now, it goes without saying **SPOILER ALERT** for this post, as we have a look as some of the best Umbrella Academy memes to have come out of the second season.

1. We love Ben

Ben is dark, mysterious, and he cares about his family. Sounds pretty great. Y’know, apart from that weird octopus thing he can do.

2. Where he go?

3. Soz but true x

4. My ENTIRE heart

5. The sweet, sweet music

Alright, it seems like Netflix is tooting its own horn here, but I’ll let them. The soundtrack bangs, and you should get on it.

6. Hmm ok then 

7. I cry x

8. Diego, put the knives down

Much like the housemate who tries to solve everything by going for a pint at the pub, Diego has one solution for everything: knives. They’re pretty versatile though, it must be said; you can throw them, stab with them, chop with them, slice… And, as Diego says, you can “get shanked by” your own father with them.

9. The best

10. Accurate 

Umbrella Academy memes

11. ILY 

Umbrella Academy memes

12. Alright, we REALLY love Ben

Give him the love he deserves.

13. Just not fair tbh

14. Ye of little faith

You know what? Fair enough, that sounds like a solid concept. Someone get onto Netflix about this.

15. They please my eyes

Even if the plot wasn’t banging then we’d all probably still be watching, right? Idk why I’m asking. I know we would.

16. Me when I watched all Umbrella Academy season two episodes in one go 

17. Big difference

18. Q accurate portrayal tbf

19. Klaus’ energy is ICONIC

As we all fell in love with Robert Sheehan’s Nathan in Misfits, so too did we fall in love with his Klaus. We all love Klaus. Klaus should be protected at all costs.

20. Ding dong, Earth is gone

So in the first seven minutes, Earth was destroyed by Vanya blowing up the Moon; the US was invaded by the USSR and there was a nuclear war; Hazel was shot dead on the street. All in all, a pretty peaceful afternoon for the Hargreeves kids.

21. It’s all very 2020

And here we were hoping that the Umbrella Academy would distract us from the fact that the world is ending.

22. OMG hi Dave!!!!!

If we love Klaus (which we do) then we really love Klaus and Dave. If he can help you shop for eggshell paint then he’s the one, folks.


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