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QUIZ: Which Umbrella Academy family member are you?

Me and Klaus are spiritually aligned I can just feel it x

The Umbrella Academy is set to return this month with a season two and (not a spoiler) the world is ending AGAIN. The whole rag tag group of super humans have reunited to try and save it, except this time it’s the 60s. Honestly, I’m stoked. Who isn’t? The reason The Umbrella Academy’s first season was so good is because of the distinct vibe and power given to each character, some of whom suck distinctly less than others (Klaus is amazing Luther is lame, that’s your series one recap, you’re welcome).

Some are secretly powerful, some are secretly big wetties. One of them is dead (don’t worry he’s not in the quiz that would be a pretty shit quiz result for you wouldn’t it?). But one of them is more spiritually aligned to your soul than the others, and it’s time to find out who with this Umbrella Academy character quiz:

Take The Umbrella Academy character quiz below:

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