This is how long students from your uni actually spend in the library

You’re probably going to feel quite bad reading this

Some people, very fortunate people, will have a conscience which gnaws at them, letting them know that spending three hours a week in the library is no way to get a first. If you don’t have that, perhaps seeing exactly how much time everyone else at your uni spends in the library will help.

Disgustingly, Oxford and Cambridge students spend around 75 hours each month studying on campus. With that, they could comfortably watch the whole 72 hours of Game of Thrones every single month.

Oxbridge aside, Southampton students, obviously seeking refuge from the rest of the city, spend 65 hours a month in the library, pipped only by Glasgow’s 67.5 hours, data compiled by Natwest shows

Leeds are near the bottom of the pile – either because they’ve got the ugliest campus going, or they’ve got better things to be doing.

How long do students at your uni spend in the library each month? Check out the table below:

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