It’s official: These are the unis with the most stressed-out students

Please find something else to talk about outside the library I am begging you

With the Olympics postponed this year, the premier competitive event of the year will rightfully be students bragging over how stressed they are by their degree.

But, statistically, how likely are those claims to be true? NatWest surveyed students from unis across the country to find out which uni had the most stressed-out students.

Turns out it’s not Oxford or Cambridge, but Plymouth. Evidently the presence of a glorious beach isn’t enough to distract from the stress.

Below those, Coventry students are the fourth most stressed-out in the country.

Meanwhile, Southampton and Exeter students retain a serenity most can only dream of, ranking as the least stressed in the country.

The figures are calculated as the percentage who rated their degree stress eight or higher out of 10.

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