wild child character quiz

Quiz: Which Wild Child character are you really?

This isn’t America, so you can’t sue me if you get Harriet

If you didn’t spend your early teenage years repeatedly watching Wild Child and trying to recreate that scene where Poppy and co walk down the stairs into the party, then what a sad childhood you had.

Wild Child is an iconic movie of the noughties. It introduced us all to sassy takedowns, Alex Pettyfer and San Pellegrino. It’s where the obsession with posh boys and vintage clothes started.

And whilst Poppy was probably everyones’ favourite character, it doesn’t mean we’re all like her. Some people are a bit of a loose cannon like Drippy, whereas others are the brains of the group like Kiki or if you’re really unfortunate you might be a bit of a spoilt brat like Harriet.

To find out which Wild Child character you really are, take this highly accurate quiz:

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