Quiz: Which teen movie guy would be your boyfriend?

Kinda want Freddie, kinda want John, kinda want them all

The 00s movies of our childhood years were essential in teaching us about friendship, female empowerment and fit boys. These films were all about the women and the men just took a back seat, but there’s no denying we were all dying to somehow hook up with these fictional characters.

Channing Tatum with a tampon stuck up his nose just really did it for 13-year-old me – what can I say? Whether it was posh boy Freddie from Wild Child or alternative indie boy Patrick Verona from 10 Things I Hate About You, we all had our favourites and let’s face it you’ll be gutted if you don’t get the teenage boy of your dreams.

This quiz will tell you which teen movie guy you are truly meant to be with through a series of highly scientific questions such as -“what your favourite party drink is” and “if you were in the cool group at school” – see incredibly accurate.

Take this quiz to see which teen movie guy would be your boyfriend:

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