Let’s settle this once and for all: Which Sex and the City gal are you?


No pop culture friendship group has been more representative of the duality of women than the ladies of Sex and the City (Personality wise. Status wise they all white and middle class as fuck). The show may have ended more than sixteen (!!!) years ago, but it still holds a mirror up to every type of woman in your friendship group – and arguably in the whole world. There are clear Carries, Mirandas, Samanthas and Charlottes everywhere. Her Royal Highness the Queen, for instance, is a Charlotte – and if the Queen was younger and Charlotte York Goldenblatt was real you just know they’d go running the park with their small dogs together. Beyonce is a Miranda, not because she stays with her cheating husband but because her work ethic is unparalleled and all with a baby in tow, too. I am a Carrie because I’m high maintenance as fuck and only make bad decisions. You could literally do this for every woman you know – they all fit into the holy quad of SATC gals.

But for a more factual approach, you could just make them all take this Sex and the City quiz to tell them definitively which character they are instead of guessing. I mean I’m not saying share with your friends but SHARE IT WITH YOUR FRIENDS. Also let me know if you get Samantha because I want to BE you.

Take the Sex and the City quiz to find out which gal you are now!

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