QUIZ: Which character from Spongebob Squarepants are you?

Anything but Squidward

If only we could all live our lives like Spongebob and the Bikini Bottom gang. What could be better than wistfully spending your days dealing with far-less-than-trivial problems and hanging out with your best mates? Literally, I implore you to come up with a more ideal living situation. My guy Spongebob literally gets up, works occasionally, and still lives a far more fulfilled life than any of us normies. Does he need paper and a mansion? Nope.

Well, you certainly can’t live the same lifestyle, but you can take a quiz to find out which character you’re most similar to! Have you ever seen a certain amount of yourself in the varied and weird characters of Bikini Bottom? Probably not, but you’ve read this far, so let’s get to it:

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