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Quiz: Can you guess the classic CBBC show by just its presenter?

Surely this will be too easy

Coming in from a long day at school, slumping on the sofa still in your uniform and watching CBBC until your mum told you your chicken nuggets chips and peas were ready was a rite of passage for us all. It was the best time of our lives and none of us would change it for the world. But how well do you truly remember your glory days? This CBBC presenter quiz is about to let you know.

Do you have a picture perfect memory of your life from 4pm onwards every day all throughout school? Or do you not know your CITV classic from a CBBC banger? Would you still get excited if Barney Harwood walked down the street past you or would you struggle to recognise him if he slapped you in the face?

The quiz below is pretty simple, just match the picture of the CBBC presenter to the name of the show they were the host of.

Take this quiz to see if you can remember the kids’ CBBC TV show by just a picture of the presenter:

If you score low, maybe you should get watching some of the classics on the CBBC website here.

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