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Only a real spelling bee will get full marks in this extremely hard spelling test

No cheating!!

Netflix has just released a documentary called Spelling The Dream, which is all about real life Spelling Bee competitions. Yes, they are real and the children who enter are nothing short of geniuses. You might think you’re good with words, but these guys will put you to shame. So it’s time to prove yourself, and you can only call yourself a real spelling bee (if you want to, idk) if you absolutely ace this spelling quiz.

Think you know your there, they’re and theirs? Do some of the most commonly misspelled words come naturally to you? You know, you could actually take on some of the biggest spelling geniuses in the world and fully destroy their dreams. Prove it. Step up. And no cheating or Googling the answers.

Take this spelling trivia quiz to see if you could be a Spelling Bee champ:

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