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Take this fancy vocab test to find out how posh you truly are, darling

If you get full marks you’re an absolute maverick

How you speak says a lot about you as a person. Some of us pride ourselves on using a whole variety of fancy words in day to day life, whereas others of us stick to what we know and don’t even consider words as that important. According to a study, someone can tell your social class within the first few words you say to them. So how posh really is the way you speak? This vocabulary test is about to tell you.

Here are some of the fanciest words in the dictionary, and some other “posh” ways of saying quite simple things. If you score over 12 in the vocabulary test then it’s official – you are by definition, posh. Do you know your mavericks from those who are pusillanimous? Do you write albeit in essays but never know what it actually means? Test yourself here and find out the truth, darrrrrling.

Take this vocabulary test to see how posh you really are:

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