gcse biology quiz

Quiz: How well do you actually remember GCSE biology?

I will forever get vasodilation and vasoconstriction mixed up

Biology was one of those great school lessons, you learnt a lot and it always entertaining. Accidentally saying orgasm instead of organism, learning the photosynthesis equation until you could recite in your sleep and learning all about sperm fertilising the egg. Quality educational times.

But how well do you actually remember the proper science from those GCSE lessons? Do you remember what all the parts of the eye are for? Do you know what vaccines do and how they work? And what about DNA? Do you even recall how many pairs of chromosomes per cell?

We’ve created a biology GCSE quiz to test how much you were actually paying attention during those lessons. And if you’re currently studying biology as a degree, please go away, we don’t need your superior knowledge here. This GCSE biology quiz is purely for those of us that struggle to remember all the parts of a plant cell. Mitochondria what?

Take this GCSE biology quiz to see how much you actually remember from school:

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