If you can’t ace this Physical Geography GCSE exam you’re slower than a meander

Oxbow lake more like Oxbow FAKE

GCSE geography was an elite tier lesson. Up there with rowdy Science lessons and super relaxed English lessons, Geography was usually weirdly fun, which is strange considering the subject is actually super lame. Sorry if you did Geography at uni, but it’s true. Also, if you did a Geography degree and you’re reading this then you’re only doing this quiz to gas yourself up and that’s not fair. Get out!

But for us non-Geographers, it’s been years since we heard about tectonic plates, coastal erosion and longshore drift. For some reason, though, this knowledge is enduring. It sticks with you surprisingly well. I guess you could say that’s because it doesn’t erode (kill me) but who knows.

If you’re a real G (geographer), you’ll still have all of that quintessential Physical Geography knowledge to an A* standard. Put it to the test, and take some real questions from the Physical Geography GCSE exam below. The exam board is AQA because let’s be honest, it’s the only one that matters.

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