If you can’t get a B on this GCSE Maths quiz you’re a certified moron

No calculators allowed mate, soz


Everyone’s been freaking out about a simple maths question: 8 ÷ 2(2 + 2). On the surface this doesn’t look too hard, but people’s brains are angrily cracking in half trying to solve it – and it seems the problem is knottier than it appears.


Inspired by this totally on trend bit of news, we’ve created a quiz from questions you’ll find in a GCSE Maths paper. You know, back when Maths had brackets and letters in it and was uniquely regarded as the most important subject you did at school. The questions are from paper one, meaning no calculators are allowed. If you cheat this quiz, you’re only cheating yourself.

Anyway, it’s time to find out whether over a decade of Maths education has stayed lodged in your mushy little brain. Remember most jobs require at least a B in GCSE Maths so if you don’t get a B in this quiz you should count yourself lucky you aren’t still in year 11.

Hold tight to your self esteem.

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