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Only true fans of Waterloo Road can get full marks on this character trivia quiz

If you don’t stan Chlo and Donte, I don’t want to know

Waterloo Road was the best TV show there was when we were growing up. Nothing made a Wednesday night better than realising it was time to clock back in with the most dramatic school to ever grace the planet. The storylines were batshit crazy, the characters were wild and the background music was iconic. I don’t even think it would be pushing it to say Waterloo Road shaped a generation. But how well do you remember the characters? If you’re a true fan, you’ll ace this Waterloo Road trivia quiz.

There’s no shame in saying you grew up wanting to name your future kids Sambuca, or marry the bad boy at school who reminded you of Earl Kelly. Our first crushes were people like Finn Sharkey, and our first glimpse of true love was Chlo and Donte. Man, we wanted a slice of what they had.

It’s been years since all our fav characters were last on our screens, find out how well you remember them all below.

Take this trivia quiz to see how well you remember the characters in Waterloo Road:

If this trivia quiz has left you desperate to relive Waterloo Road (same), then all episodes are currently available on BBC iPlayer. You’re welcome.

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