Waitrose has just introduced a £5 meal deal

Tell your Tory parents, they’re going to love it

Waitrose announced on Twitter today they are introducing “Lunch For Today” bags, which is essentially a boujee meal deal.

The bags cost £5 and includes a sandwich, crisps, a piece of fruit, a snack and a drink and for Waitrose that is actually a quality deal.

In the tweet the brown bag comes with a ham and cheese sandwich, salt and vinegar McCoys, an apple, a flapjack and a smoothie. Beige, bland and delicious, but where are the Tyrells crisps and smoked salmon sandwiches Waitrose?

The meal deal comes in a brown paper bag – ecofriendly and kind of looks like the packed lunches we’d get on school trips.

There’s a children’s version of the meal deal which is only £3 and looks banging. Pombears, raisins, cheese sandwich, juice and an apple? Sign me up.

It’s not currently known if these are the standard bags for the Waitrose meal deal or if there will be some variety to the deals, either way I’m here for it and know what I’ll be taking to my next socially distanced picnic.

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