These are the best and worst face masks fashion brands are selling

PLT branding all over my face, yes please

Face masks have been sported around supermarkets and on walks by some people for a while but it’s looking like we’re all going to have to wear one soon according to new government guidelines. They’re not the most stylish of accessory but don’t you worry, fashion brands are doing their bit to make sure you still look fashionable walking around Tesco or maybe even at work, if you stay alert on your journey in.

There is some ongoing debate about the ethics involved with fast fashion brands jumping to sell fashionable masks, especially if they’re not medically backed. Boohoo came under fire when they launched their range and have since removed all but two masks from their website.

If you are looking to purchase one, the following brands have you covered whether it’s slogan branding, flashy diamante or upmarket designer that you’re after.

Pretty Little Thing


How could we not start with PLT? They’ve launched almost 100 masks and to be fair to them, they are going to give all the profit to NHS charities. However, this gesture aside, the designs are something to be desired.

Many sport “PLT” branding and some have the iconic unicorn design from their parcel packaging. Talk about just wanting to blend in with the crowd.

The more iconic ones from the collection have to be the “single”, “taken”, “Mr and Mrs” and even “Influencer” designs. PLT are doing you a favour here and helping you find love during the pandemic, probably the closest you’re going to get. There’s also “Los Angeles”, “Paris” and “New York” if you want to pretend your on the summer holiday you were meant to be on.


Via StockX

Supreme are known for their hefty price tags on clothes but who knew you could also drop a couple of hundred quid on a face mask? Not only that but it looks like you’re going to have to bid your way to the top to secure the goods. £300 plus seems outrageous but if you’re not spending your money elsewhere, then maybe it’s time for a weekend treat.

Boohoo Man

Just when we thought Boohoo Man couldn’t get any more cringe, they release face masks with “Man X Beast” and crystal teeth printed across them. We can’t wait to see these being advertised across some ex-Love Islanders Instagrams in the next few days.

I Saw It First

If you have your loyal next day delivery subscription with I Saw It First then be ready to pay double than you have to over on PLT. However, you’ll bag yourself a diamante extraordinaire. Not quite sure how medically tested this is but at least you’ll look boujee at the checkout.


Via Hype

This brand screams high school lads smoking behind the bike sheds but who knew they were even still around let alone making masks to protect us all. Forget the galaxy printed rucksacks and get yourself an artificial grass printed mask.

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