If you can’t get 11/15 in this niche Peep Show trivia quiz, you’re a cleanshirt

This is too hard for the general reader

In a way, we’re all living in a version of Peep Show now – trapped in a flat, becoming increasingly deranged and venal. The tiny minutiae of life are hilarious. Butter the toast, shit the toast. It’s all there is.

But, of course, if you’re truly into Peep Show, you’ve always lived it. No minor daily event can happen without you plucking the perfect quote from the air. No curry gets ordered without you bursting a vein in your head trying not to shout “FOUR NAAN”. Everyone thinks you’re weird when you threaten to blow your brains out if they don’t pass you the Doritos.

And yet, you don’t know everything. So how good is your Peep Show trivia knowledge? Take this quiz and find out:

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