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Prove you’re a true Peep Show fan and buy this flat in Mark’s building

G o a l s

Peep Show fans use any excuse to showcase their dedication by shoehorning quotes in to every conversation, so why not take it to the next level and move into the El Dude brothers' building?

Step up this piece of prime real estate, located in Croydon's Zodiac Court, and all yours for the guide price of £100,000 to £125,000. For a 73 year lease. This is like 3 student loans. Easy.

This studio flat is in the very same building where the first two series of Peep Show were actually filmed. Flat 5, Mark's real flat, was snapped up by a keen renter in 2013 for the sum of £800 per calendar month. This is the next best thing.

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Plenty of space in the living room/bedroom for a washing machine to get your shirt clean, or a big TV to watch Das Boot on.

An intact door on the bathroom allows you to do your normal pooing in private, whilst it is left to further analysis to decide whether the tiling is Moorish.

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The "well proportioned" kitchen looks perfect for cooking Moroccan, turkey, or a lovely bit of fried halloumi.

It even features a balcony, perfect for disposing of iPads. Except you can't, because it's got net protecting it. The bit is described as "a great piece of outside space", and luckily for those who had doubts it was imaginary, "a real addition to the property".

Granted, it's described as "in need of modernisation", but that's what your nest egg's for.

If your friends don't like it, just send them away in two cabs – one going to Catford and one separate one going in a completely different direction, to Balham.

Appetising, but several questions remain, such as: How thick is wall?