If you can’t get a B on this GCSE Physics test your education was a waste

Bet you can’t name even one of Newton’s laws, you idiot

Physics was and always will be the hardest and most legitimate science. Don’t fucking @ me, or try to deny it. You know it’s true. While you could feasibly scrape a decent GCSE in Chemistry or Biology without being able to do your times tables, Physics requires that you’re good at Maths, and Maths is the hardest thing literally ever.

I’m not saying this because I was good at Physics, because I’m not a smelly nerd, but I’m also the one sitting here writing this intro while people who were good at Physics are earning shedloads of cold hard delicious cash building bridges, or designing apps, or running banks – that’s how transferrable their skills are. What skills did you get from your French degree? Sod all, that’s what. You can’t even answer that question in French.

In the interest of wallowing in our own stupidity and lamenting the reputable careers we could have had if we’d been good at Physics, we’ve picked out some questions from an actual GCSE paper and put them in a fun quiz you can do from your phone. How neat! Try your luck below and see if you can remember what a Volt is. If you can get an A* I’ll transfer you 10p. Scout’s honour.

Take this GCSE Physics quiz and weep at how stupid you are

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