Camp Rock was the stupidest thing we watched growing up and these moments prove it

Mitchie is kinda selfish tbh

Growing up, you were categorised into two sections: You were either a CBBC child, where Tracy Beaker and Newsround was your life, or you were a die hard Disney fan, where you wanted so badly to be Gabriella Montez and stanned Hannah Montana till the end.

Camp Rock was a film where teenagers would go to summer camp to improve their music skills. It was  the film that Demi Lovato really made her big break and it’s where everyone learned their love for the Jonas Brothers.

Recently, with everyones sudden obsession with TikTok, clips of the film have been doing the rounds on everyones ‘For You’ pages and we took one for the team and watched Camp Rock back, fully sober to see what it was actually like. If you think High School Musical was bad, wait till you see these moments from Camp Rock. Boy, you’re in for a treat:

How does Mitchie instantly wake up and burst straight into song?

The film starts with Mitchie waking up and stretching her arm to start her CD playing. Convenient it was open for her to wake up and be able to start the song. It just screams classic teenage Disney Channel film. She then jumps up out of bed and is instantly awake. Sorry, but who wakes up that quickly?

And who can belt out a song that early in the morning with no croaky voice? Of course Mitchie can, she’s in a Disney film, duh.

Maybe she can’t help it but her overly cheesy grin is really fucking annoying

New drinking game! The only rule is that you have to take a shot every time Demi Lovato’s character does that overly cheesy smile at any point in the film, (even when it’s not a situation where she should be smiling) and you’ll be steaming five minutes into the film.

Mitchie is kinda selfish?

She hints to her mum she wants to go to Camp Rock which is fine, but WHY is she so ungrateful when they explain she can’t go because her mums business is “taking off” and her dad’s new store is expanding. Sucks to not go, I’m sure but she could have at least shown her excitement for them?!

Why are the campers literally jumping OFF the bus?

All the kids start to arrive at the camp and this kid is literally using the bus as a drum? How is that allowed? He then proceeds to backflip off the bus? How has no-one told him that’s definitely going to damage the bus? If Ofsted got a hold of this, this place would be shut down in a heartbeat. Talk about health and safety nightmare.

All of the characters introduce themselves and then instantly start playing an instrument and it’s so bizarre

We get you’re into music but it’s so weird. When Caitlyn meets Mitchie, she literally introduces herself and then says “check me out!” in the same breath. Fair play, you’ve got to back yourself but the scene is so cringy to watch. Also, why are they stood so awkwardly close to each other in this scene?

Dee, the musical director, saying “holla” to the kids is too much

Dee, who is the musical director at the camp, welcomes them all and literally screams “holla!” at the crowd. Who put that in the script? Who approved that? Who let that be saved in the edit? Who let this happen?! I just want to know WHY?

She also emphasises to the campers that they should sing everything. At a camp called Camp Rock, who would have thought?

The fashion in this film made us shed a tear for nostalgic clothes from 2008

The girls’ outfits throughout the whole film say it all really. But the heels, sparkly dress and disco pants combo in this scene, is stand out favourite.

And need we mention Kevin Jonas’ scarf in this scene. A true fashion icon.

Mitchie straight up lies to everyone about her family, who are literally at the same camp as her, just to make friends

She’s not even been at camp a day and Mitchie once again is slamming her parents: She lies about what her mum does, despite her mum literally being at camp with her(?!) As well as lying, she literally dumps her only friend so far, Caitlyn, for Tess and the cool girls. Not cool hun.

Shane Grey is a massive twat

There’s no sugar coating this one, he literally is a twat to everyone at the beginning of the film. To his bandmates, his Uncle at camp and when he comes to the kitchen to discuss his dietary needs, he’s just plain rude tbh.

“Get my agent on the phone.” Classic teenage pop star.

Mitchie throws flour on her face to hide who she is, despite still being very recognisable

When Shane comes into the kitchen, Mitchie obviously can’t just talk to him as normal as it’ll open the can of worms because all she’s done so far is lie and sing. But WHY did she not just hide and stay hidden or why didn’t she make a run for it? Throwing flour over her face was definitely the best idea, of course.

Their dancing is so fucking bad it makes you want to gouge your eyeballs out

The dance routines in this whole film are SHOCKING. They make the High School Musical dance routines look like Swan Lake. And after watching Shane run through the dance once, they all suddenly seem to know said shit dance.

I know they’re meant to look like they’ve only just learnt the routine but even Shane, who is meant to be a pro at the dance can’t manage to make it look good. Classic.


That scene where Mitchie uses the cringiest pick up line ever and we all collectively die at her flirting skills

She genuinely says: “I know one girl that would buy that song.” Vom.

Fair play to her for “shooting her shot” when she’s chatting to Shane but come on now. Shane then proceeds to sing and stare longingly into her eyes. That is too much even for a Disney Channel film.

Mitchie not knowing what personal space is and once again lying to her camp mates

This scene is just straight up weird: Mitchie is escaping the cabin to go to work as Ella is just waking up. Mitchie then tells her that she’s dreaming and she’s a “rock princess”. That’s it. That’s the full scene.

I’m sorry but if anyone was that close to you, even if it was Demi Lovato, you’d still think “fuck off”, especially if you’ve just woken up.

THAT iconic keyboard scene which is just all new levels of confusion

“WoW sHe’S rEaLlY gOoD!”

How could we have forgotten about this iconic scene where Caitlyn plays her keyboard for the camp at the “pyjama jam”. Those moves are a JOKE and there is no way she is playing the keyboard dancing at the same time. How did we all think this was cool when we were younger?

The girls acting like they’ve been publicly executed when the lamest insult ever is used

“Whatever major loser.” Both Caitlyn and Mitchie act like they’ve literally seen a ghost when Tess and the girls attempt to insult her. It was an iconic phrase we thought was so cool when we were younger. It’s cringe, sure, but the sass on that is unreal.

But the clap-back from Mitchie when she tells Tess it’s “so last year.” is another level of petty we all aspired to be. Tess also acted like her life had just ended with Mitchie’s comments. Wow.

The whole camp are whispering to each other but they want everyone to know about it? Where is the logic?

Shane says he wants to find out who the girl was that was singing “This Is Me” but why are all of them whispering if they’re asking round the whole camp?! He literally wants to find some girl so why are they whispering? It makes zero sense.

Tess’ song at Final Jam was actually a banger and she didn’t deserve to be embarrassed on stage

Despite her being a massive bitch throughout the whole film, her song at Final Jam was a tune, there’s no denying it. Those making Camp Rock definitely gave her one of the best songs in the film and that dance routine with the mirrors is a piece of art. Her mum walked off during her performance which meant she lost her concentration and messed up. She was done dirty here. No I’m not over it.

Mitchie and Shane singing the finale after someone else won is so backwards

Peggy literally won Final Jam and yet Mitchie and Shane still sing the main parts in the finale of the show?! Peggy deserves justice.

She worked so hard to stand on her own away from Tess, to perform that BANGER and then she doesn’t even get to sing the finale with Shane, wtf Disney.

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