Donald Trump is going to ‘take a look’ into pardoning Joe Exotic

Never thought the day would come

Times are weird, and people are rightly going a little batshit in quarantine. We’re not allowed out for longer than an hour a day so Netflix has become our best friend. And that has obviously meant Tiger King, and pretty much nothing but Tiger King. However, one thing we surely never expected was for Joe Exotic’s name to come out of Donald Trump’s mouth. During a quarantine briefing.

But here we are. To be fair, it’s not like Donald Trump has ever shied away from talking about non-serious topics when he should be taking things a little more seriously:

In the video, the journalist asks “He’s asking you for a pardon saying that he was unfairly convicted. Your son said yesterday jokingly that he was going to advocate for it and I was wondering if you’d seen the show and you have any thoughts on pardoning Joe Exotic?”

Trump replies: “I know nothing about it. 22 years for what? What did he do?”, to which the reporter says that Joe “allegedly hired someone to murder an animal rights activist but he said that he didn’t do that.”

Trump responds: “Do you think he didn’t do it? Are you on his side? Are you recommending a pardon?” before telling them that he’ll “take a look.”

Well okay, he said that he’d take a look, and it’s not quite clear whether that means simply watching the show or actually addressing Joe’s plea. As is well known by now, Joe Exotic is appealing for a presidential pardon from Donald Trump, as well as a $94m settlement for various discrepancies against various people, including Jeff Lowe and the police force.

This is the latest in a series of dramas that have occurred since the show aired, such as Joe Exotic being moved to a separate part of his prison over coronavirus fears, as well as news that there is a new episode of Tiger King coming to Netflix soon.

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