Tiger King Joe Exotic has reportedly contracted coronavirus whilst in prison

He has been transferred to a hospital

The Tiger King himself, Joe Exotic, has reportedly contracted coronavirus (COVID-19) whilst in jail, according to a report.

The 57-year-old big cat owner is currently serving a 22-year sentence in a federal prison in Texas. According to The Mirror, a report from the prison has revealed he has tested positive for the virus and has since been transferred to a hospital for treatment.

Joe Exotic had been isolating in the prison. The BBC is reporting that Joe Exotic was moved into quarantine after people at his previous prison tested positive for the virus. He has been moved from Oklahoma’s Grady County Jail to the Federal Medical Center in Fort Worth, Texas.

His husband, Dillion Passage, had spoken on the radio about his concerns for Joe’s health. He said: “We speak like three to five times every day, but since he’s been moved to this new facility, they are putting him on a COVID-19 isolation because of the previous jail he was at, there were cases. I’ve yet to speak to him since he moved.”

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Joe Exotic, who is also known as Joseph Maldonado-Passage, was convicted last April on two counts of murder-for-hire, eight counts of violating the Lacey Act for falsifying wildlife records and nine counts of violating the Endangered Species Act. He was also found guilty of killing five tiger cubs, and for selling and offering to sell tiger cubs in violation of the Endangered Species Act.

This story will be updated if more information becomes available.

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