This is how everyone involved in Tiger King reacted to the series

They are nooooooot happy

It will come as no surprise that a show with as much drama and controversy as Tiger King also features some very dramatic people with some, quite frankly, fucking insane stories. Just when you thought that this would be a series solely based around Joe and his feud with Carole, every oddball in south-central comes out of the woodwork.

But what did the people featured in the series actually think of it? It’s not exactly forgiving with lots of the fucked up stuff that they’ve done, and many of the main protagonists have spoken out. So, what have the stars of Netflix’s Tiger King said about the series since?

Carole Baskin

Don Lewis: All the theories of what happened to Carole Baskin's ...

Carole was amongst the unhappiest people when it came to the documentary series. From the outset, she claimed that the series was full of lies, refuting them in a huge statement on her website. She wrote that “There are not words for how disappointing it is to see that the docuseries not only does not do any of that, but has had the sole goal of being as salacious and sensational as possible to draw viewers.

“As part of that, it has a segment devoted to suggesting, with lies and innuendos from people who are not credible, that I had a role in the disappearance of my husband Don 21 years ago. The series presents this without any regard for the truth or in most cases even giving me an opportunity before publication to rebut the absurd claims. They did not care about truth. The unsavoury lies are better for getting viewers.”

The Twitter page for Big Cat Rescue also released a brief statement. It’s safe to say, Carole was not happy with the series:

Doc Antle

Doc Antle was another person to release a huge statement that probably no one actually read. It does much the same as Carole’s statement, essentially accusing Netflix of distorting the truth to make a product of buzz and entertainment.

He even says that the series isn’t a documentary and that people were paid to be part of it: “It is important to understand that this series is not a documentary; it’s sensationalized entertainment with paid participants.” The rest of the post basically goes “blah blah blah we adhere to regulations”.

It’s notable that no mention is made of the allegations that were made by many against Doc personally in the documentary, such as polygamy and the cult-like nature of the organisation.

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The staff at @myrtlebeachsafari and Angada the chimp (everyone was busy) We are very disappointed that our facility was mentioned in the new Netflix series. We can only assume it is because Doc Antle has been such a high profile wildlife personality for so many decades that his association would create more buzz.  It is important to understand that this series is not a documentary; it’s sensationalized entertainment with paid participants. Tiger King is the bizarre story of Joe and Carole and their feud. These characters are not representative of experts in the wildlife sector or world class facilities like ours here in Myrtle Beach. Myrtle Beach Safari has been recognized by the state of South Carolina as one of the pre-eminent wildlife facilities in the United States.  We’ve also received international accolades for the critical role we provide with our qualified, captive breeding programs and our global conservation efforts of threatened and endangered species.  Myrtle Beach Safari adheres to all USDA guidelines, and our animals are treated with the utmost care. We have never had a USDA violation and work collaboratively with various state and federal wildlife agencies to ensure our animals receive the very best life each and every day.  Over the decades we have heard every sort of fantasy scenario regarding our facility. Many of these less-than-flattering mistruths have been manufactured by those in the animal rights movement that oppose animal ambassador programs of any sort. In the end, we hope you will come visit us and judge for yourself. Every visitor to our facility quickly recognizes the magical place we have created. All cubs are cared for cradle to grave the wild accusation that we would ever euthanize a cub is manufactured sensationalism. It’s a complete fabrication that A tiger looses its value at a certain age they all have a place. It’s Also illegal, immoral,and unjust. We remain open during these challenging times with both Day and Night Safari options. Our tours are held outdoors and our 50 acre preserve provides plenty of area for social distance. Check out tour dates and options at

A post shared by Dr. Bhagavan Antle (@docantle) on Mar 25, 2020 at 8:05am PDT

John Finlay

John Finlay set up a Facebook page called The Truth About John Finlay, telling The Tab exclusively that “This page was created to talk with people, to update on approved articles and interviews, and draw the blow up off of our private pages.”

“They also had all the information about my new teeth, my new life, and future wife and more, but chose not to show it. Leaving so much to speculation.”

Dillon Passage

Dillon Passage has remained mostly quiet about the series, but has been happy to answer questions in the comments section on his Instagram page. In one particular answer, he says that “the doc series explains pretty much everything about the situation”.

Other comments suggest that he’s still married to Joe, and he’s just as nonchalant as his partner, responding to a comment on killing Carole with “it be like that”:

Jeff Lowe

Tiger King zookeepers net worth: This is how much money they have

Jeff Lowe was the man who took the zoo over from Joe.

He has since actually enjoyed the publicity – according to The News & Observer: “Lowe, who partnered with Joe Exotic before his arrest, wrote on his Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park Facebook page that he was slightly concerned how people would view his “Son’s Of Anarchy lifestyle,” but those concerned vanished when he saw how it compared to the show’s portrayal of Antle and Exotic.” He supposedly even changed the header of his business on Facebook to “as seen on Netflix Tiger King”.

Rick Kirkham

Netflix's Tiger King: Where Are Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin Now ...

Kirkham was the producer whose footage of Joe was destroyed in the fire. According to Facebook he now lives in Norway with his wife.

Not a stranger to controversy (he was famous for a documentary in which his crack cocaine addiction was closely documented, causing his ex-wife to file a lawsuit), Kirkham seems happy with the series, perhaps because he came off as one of the more level people:

Joe Exotic

Joe Exotic now: Where is the big cat owner from Netflix series ...

Joe hasn’t necessarily been able to respond to anything featured in the series because, ya know, prison and that. However, he has since made news for seeking nearly $100 million in damages from various parties and even seeking a presidential pardon.

PEOPLE wrote that “the former Oklahoma zookeeper and country music singer claimed $73,840,000 is for loss of personal property; 18 years of research; and care of 200 generic tigers and cross-breeds for 365 days a year, at a boarding rate of $60/day per animal. The additional $15 million is for false arrest, false imprisonment, selective enforcement and the death of his mother, Shirley.”

The claim also outlines that he is seeking damages “because [he] is an openly gay male with the largest collection of generic tigers and crossbreeds.”

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