If you love The Office US, you’ll get at least 10/13 on this trivia quiz

13/13? You’re a Dundler Mifflin stan

It’s been 15 years since The Office US aired. The sitcom has spawned countless memes, and should be considered the master of breaking the fourth wall. The Office US has entertained generations of fans, making them laugh, cry and even master the dance routine of The Scarn from Michael Scott’s ‘Threat Level Midnight’. But are you really an Office expert? This trivia quiz will tell you.

Did you binge all nine series? Do you know the order of all of Jim and Dwight’s pranks? Can you remember the names of all of Angela’s cats? Andy’s viral video? Creed’s criminal record? Do you have a Dundler Mifflin mug? Do you really know the secret ingredient to Kevin’s famous chilli? Or did you just watch it so that you could tell your friends you have?

Your score in this The Office US trivia quiz is about to show you how much of a true fan you really are.

Do you really love The Office US? Take this quiz to find out

The Office US is available to stream on Amazon Prime. Its first episode aired in 2005, and all series one to nine are available to stream. 

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