Dare Me is the ‘dark’ and ‘seductive’ Netflix murder drama which has just dropped

It’s being called a ‘strange lovechild of Cheer, Euphoria and You’


Today, Netflix released new thriller drama Dare Me. In a nutshell, it’s cheerleaders mixed with murder and it looks wild. The reviews of Dare Me all seem to agree that it’s a little unhinged but that’s a good thing, surely?

If you have a You or Cheer shaped hole in your life right now (same), then this drama is definitely your perfect binge-watch.

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Dare Me combines cheerleading and murder

Dare Me is a 10-part teen series all about a high school cheer squad, whose leaders become entangled in a series of dark secrets after a new coach comes in to take over. Bitterness fills the squad when the ex-hotshot coach comes in and things soon get messy and very, very dark.

The drama is based on the Megan Abbott novel of the same name and is a twisted story of jealousy, obsession, savage teenage girls and major superiority complexes. Just a heads up, it promises to be a bloodbath.

The series follows best friends, Addy and Beth, who are part of the cheerleading squad. After the arrival of their new coach, Beth and Addy discover the coach cheating on her husband. In the string of events that follow the two girls are turned against each other by the coach and a murder in town changes everything. The whole story is essentially meant to mirror the weakness of the cheerleading pyramid. When one girl loses her balance, they all fall down.

Just like Cheer, it shows the grim harshness and brutality of cheerleading, with a sprinkling of murder, toxic friendships and sex. The Netflix synopsis reads: “Relationships topple and loyalties flip when an icy new cheerleading coach takes over the high school squad ruled by Beth and her devoted BBF, Addy.”

Dare Me, reviews, Netflix, drama, thriller, new, crime, series, trailer, plot, about, reactions

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The reviews are calling Dare Me ‘insane’, ‘dark’, ‘seductive’ and ‘not for the faint hearted’

If you’re not completely sold on Dare Me as being your latest binge-watch, the reviews might help. Thrillist calls it “absolutely insane”, “exhilarating” and “so crazy it’s worth bingeing”.

In the Telegraph’s review of the series, it says Dare Me is “a terrifying look at toxic female friendship” and calls the series “the strange lovechild of Cheer, Euphoria and You.” It adds that the show is “not for the faint hearted” and “fascinating”. “Dare Me is a dark, dreamlike, seductive thriller all on its own,” the review reads. It concludes: “It’s a gripping watch, a thriller which unfolds layer by tantalising layer, and exactly the kind of thing to watch if you want to take yourself out of reality for a few hours.”

Watch the trailer for Dare Me on Netflix here:

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