Netflix’s newest drama ‘Dare Me’ is the thriller version of Cheer

When one girl falls from the pyramid, they all go down

Two of the greatest Netflix shows You and Cheer are essentially being brought together for the next Netflix drama, Dare Me.

Dare Me is about a high school cheerleading squad who get a new coach. Bullying, cheating, obsession and murder all starts to occur within the group after her arrival. So obviously quite a different vibe from Jerry.

The series is based on the book by Megan Abbott.

Netflix dare me 10 part series

via Netflix

The show is a 10 part series and centres on two best friends Addy and Beth who are part of the cheerleading squad. After the arrival of their new coach Beth and Addy discover the coach cheating on her husband.

In the string of events that follow the two girls are turned against each other by the coach and a murder in town changes everything. The whole story is essentially meant to mirror the weakness of the cheerleading pyramid. When one girl loses her balance, they all fall down.

Reviews of Dare Me said the show has a Euphoria quality to it with the cinematography. And it’s also being compared to You because of all the twists and turns. Euphoria, Cheer and You? Sign me up.

netflix dare me

via Netflix

The cast includes Herzien Guardiola as Addy, Marlo Kelly as Beth and Willa Fitzgerald as the new cheerleading coach.

The show has already been out on USA Network but is arriving on UK Netflix next Friday 20th March.

The trailer is incredibly tense, full of parties, mystery and glitter. Watch the USA Netflix trailer for Dare Me here:

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