There’s a quarantine version of Love Is Blind happening on Instagram right now

The couples get to meet when the pandemic is over

Dating when everyone seems to be social-distancing or self-isolating is hard, right? And Love Is Blind was the best show of 2020 so far and we miss it deeply, right? If the answer to both of those questions is yes (it is) then life just got a whole lot better. Introducing Love Is Quarantine: An Instagram profile you didn’t know you needed until now.

The account solves all of our current problems: our huge lack of social and love lives amid the coronavirus pandemic and our desperate need for a new season of Netflix dating show Love Is Blind. Love Is Quarantine is matching people up for quarantined dates – and it is everything.

It was set up by two roommates, Thi Q. Lam (@thiqlam) and Rance Nix (@rancenix), who set up the Instagram account and requested people who wanted to take part send in their names and numbers. These applicants were then put on Google Doc of all people who wanted to take part and were screened by the two creators.

Love Is Quarantine, Love Is Blind, Instagram, spin off, dating, show, Netflix, follow, contestants, coronavirus, COVID-19

One of the contestant’s homemade dating “pod”, via Instagram @loveisquarantine

Then this is where it gets interesting. Applicants are then matched up and sent to the “dating pods”. They get a text from Thi and Rance and if they reply quickly they’re hooked up on a phone call with their match. Applicants are asked to video themselves before, during and after their dates so the Instagram account can track their progress.

Love Is Quarantine, Love Is Blind, Instagram, spin off, dating, show, Netflix, follow, contestants, coronavirus, COVID-19

via Instagram @loveisquarantine

The bio for Love Is Quarantine on Instagram reads: “Who will you meet in the pandemic pods? A friend? A Lover? Who knows!? Join our GOOGLE SHEETS below! We go live at 7:30pm with Season 2”. The page already has 3,000 followers and it is increasing rapidly.

Some of the dates have already started taking place. The account said they’ve been adding people to the “pods” as of last night.

You can also take a sneak peek at some of the dating hopefuls on the Instagram page too. They’ve been sharing pictures and short bios for some of the contestants and who they have been dating. But in true Love Is Blind style, we don’t get to see their faces.

The contestants’ journeys will be fully documented on the Love Is Quarantine Instagram page, and at the end we get to see who chose who and if they want to meet up when the pandemic is over. 👀

I’m already backing some of the contestants to go the full distance.

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