These are the funniest moments in Gogglebox history to get you through COVID-19

‘We all like a bad boy though’

Gogglebox has been around for seven years and is firmly part of British culture, and if anything is going to get you through isolation, it’s Lee eating Jenny’s face mask because he thought it was mint yoghurt.

There’s been many moments over the 190 episodes that have made us honestly wet us ourselves laughing and we want to say thank you to the cast of Gogglebox for doing such a great service to the nation.

From Sandra swatting a fly to getting a cup of tea knocked out of a hand by a dog, it’s the simple moments that create priceless and iconic pieces of television.

These are the funniest moments in Gogglebox history:

1. Probably one of the greatest moments of British TV ever

Lee’s mouth open and filled with the mask and the look of pure horror gets me every time.

2. “You knob head Dave”

Dave will always be my favourite in the Malone family.

3. Such an iconic moment

They started off so calm and then bam! Electric shock.

4. Lol, thank you to this dog

That dog knew exactly what it was doing.

5. “This great big cock came in my face”

Marina went to a strip club and I am so here for it.

6. Tbf neither did I Jenny

Turns out Timbuktu is in Mali.

7. Shoe flip, what a time to be alive


8. Never knew how much I needed this video

Definitely an improvement on Jaws.

9. “I’ve had some Greek in me”

Louis’ face says it all.

10. A chlamydia test is a great present right?

I just love Giles so much.

11. And finally the most iconic moment of Gogglebox

Nothing more to say except thank you.

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