These are the 19 most iconic and hilarious moments of The Chase

Bradley Walsh’s facial expressions are a gift to us all

The Chase is an essential part of the uni experience and if it’s not part of your’s then you’re doing it wrong. It’s the one hour of your day where you can feel smart and laugh till you cry at Bradley Walsh’s ability to turn every thing into an innuendo.

2020 has already given us a great Chase moment of these two contestants singing “Dilemma”. And wow it’s awful but so good.

The Chase has created some truly iconic moments of British television, remember Fanny Chmelar? Or what about Dick Tingeler? Classic.

Over the years there’s been a lot of questions and contestants which have made Bradley Walsh die with laughter. And you’ll be pleased to know Bradley Walsh has said there’s going to be at least another two years of the show.

It’s so difficult to decide on the best of the best but here are the ones that are guaranteed to make you give up uni and spend all day on the sofa. Sad girls who watch The Chase in their dressing gowns, this is for you.

Here are the 21 funniest The Chase moments:

1. Fanny Chmelar

This is easily one of the most iconic Chase moments ever. Literally it shouldn’t be this funny, it’s just the word ‘fanny’ but Bradley manages to turn it into a great comedic moment.

2. When this contestant literally passed every question but one

Lol, she might have been really nervous but how the hell do you go on The Chase and literally not answer any of the questions. Hilarious though tbf.

3. The pussy and crack trees

No explanation needed.

4. When Gobbler’s Knob was the question and Grumpy Old Men was an answer

This video is so long because half of it is just Bradley bent over howling with laughter.

5. When Bradley had to read out Camel’s Toe and just couldn’t hold in his laughter

No matter how old you are this will always be funny.

6. When Bradley couldn’t hold in his laughter for Dick Tingeler

Skip to 0:51. If you don’t laugh at this then we can’t be friends.

7. Spoiler alert, the answer wasn’t ‘Twisting my plums’ but it should have been

Day time TV is where it’s at.

8. Tom and his great big sausage

I die for Bradley’s facial expressions.

9. Yet another Fanny, this time it’s Fanny Cradock

Why is this word so funny?

10. The only time volleyball was interesting was when it featured on The Chase

Whoever comes up with the questions for these has a very filthy mind.

11. I’ve got you under my duvet??

This moment really shouldn’t be funny but it just is and I will watch on repeat.

12. When Bradley asked what colour a giant cock was

Cocks are always funny, end of discussion.

13. Bradley Walsh is honestly a national treasure

Skip to 2:06. The producers must have done this on purpose. Offering the options Big Narstie, Massive Dirty and Colossal Brown as the answers to any question was guaranteed to get Bradley Walsh giggling like a school boy.

14. Thrush? I think it’s something that I’ve just picked up.

God, the regret she must have felt after uttering that sentence. Wait till the end of the video to watch Bradley fall over, it’s easily one of my favourite Bradley moments.

15. I love this man

The answer is back gammon for those who are here for actual answers.

16. The only way to get some entertainment at 4pm is to use the word ‘bummel’

The Chase is arguably the dirtiest show going.

17.When Bradley couldn’t finish the sentence about this very heavy innuendo led rhyme

How can a child’s nursery rhyme so dirty? Bradley Walsh, that’s how.

18. Never forget the dick by the bush moment

Again, dicks, cocks will always be funny, especially when paired with the word ‘bush’.

19. At this point the show isn’t about trivia, it’s how much can they get Bradley Walsh to laugh and I’m so grateful

The Chase is hands down the best show on television right now, you can’t scroll this far down and not agree.

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