These are the biggest ever wins on ITV’s The Chase

Only true legends make it to this hall of fame

The Chase is the best daytime television there is. No literally – the game show, hosted by Bradley Walsh, was named as the best daytime programme in 2017 and best quiz programme in 2019. You can’t beat it. The contestants win amazing amounts of money, and Bradley Walsh makes the show hilarious at the same time. But what are The Chase biggest wins?

Players have won HUGE six figure sums on the show, and when it gets down to these nail biting final chases it is intense. Here’s a rundown of ITV’s The Chase biggest wins and cash prizes ever.

The biggest wins for a solo player on The Chase

The record for the biggest solo win has just been broken, by a 20-year-old who beat newest Chaser, Darragh Ennis. Eden Nash walked away from the show with a huge £75k – and he did it all on his own.

Eden answered 18 questions in the final chase correctly, and the Chaser got a few wrong – which led to history being made on the show. Eden is clearly proud of the massive achievement and has changed his Twitter bio to say: “The Chase…is on!” He has also pinned a Tweet to the top of his profile which says: “The Chase? Completed it mate.”

Eden had told Bradley Walsh he’d like to buy a car if he won, but “nothing snazzy”. But, I think he might take that back now and get the snazziest car he can get his hands on.

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The previous record for the biggest solo win on The Chase was a bit longer ago. Back in February 2019, we were graced with a true Chase legend in Judith. Her team was wiped out by Jenny “The Vixen” Ryan, so she went big. She brought a whopping £70,000 back with her after her head to head, and was ready to face the final chase alone.

It was tense, but after the battle (and EIGHT pushbacks!!!!) she defeated the Chaser. Yep, Judith scooped that £70,000 all for herself. She’s had a solid two years in The Chase hall of fame for having won the largest sum of money ever as a solo player, before she was scooped by Eden. Watch the iconic moment here:

Jenny Ryan gets more and more frustrated as the time goes on, and by the end of the final chase she’s given up. She managed 10 steps against Judith’s 20.

The biggest team win EVER

It’s no surprise the biggest team win ever was with a full house. On this show, aired back in 2018, all four team members made it back for the final chase.

They bagged themselves a huge £100,000 (£25,000 each) after beating Anne “The Governess” Hegerty. That’s not just the biggest win on The Chase, it’s the biggest prize EVER won on any daytime TV show.

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Diane, Luca, Tim and Gayna got 21 steps in the final round. They then had nine chances to push the Chaser back, four of which were executed. For those not completely down with The Chase lingo, that means they got 21 questions right, then when Anne tried to “chase” them down she got nine questions wrong. Questions the Chaser gets wrong are thrown to the team for them to add to their number of “steps” away from the Chaser. The team in this case got four of the nine questions right.

Anne Hegarty had only made 14 steps when her time ran out, so it wasn’t even a close call – the team completely ran away with it. Watch the jaw dropping final chase here:

However, there has technically been a bigger win, but it was on Celebrity Chase. The offers are much higher on the celebrity shows (it is for charity after all) and this episode saw Rachel Riley and Kirsty Gallacher head back to the table having earned £160,000.

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The Countdown presenter and Sky Sports presenter were playing for Soccer Aid and both took the higher offer in their individual cash builders. They then faced Shaun Wallace i.e. The Dark Destroyer in the final chase. They made 16 steps against him and he couldn’t catch them so the women took the cash prize back for their charity. Incredible.

The biggest cash offer ever made on The Chase

The biggest ever offer made to a single contestant at the table in The Chase was also on a celebrity show. The Chasers aren’t completely heartless, they do offer good money for charities.

The offer was made to Duncan James from the boyband Blue, and it was £139,000. He won it, but unfortunately the team were beaten in the final chase. Such a shame.

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Other The Chase biggest wins:

Coming up just short of the top spot in The Chase biggest wins hall of fame are: a £45,000 win, a £60,000 win, a £75,000 win, and a £90,000 win.

A valiant effort, but not quite enough to top the charts. Watch all of those incredible final chases here:

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