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Would you have won £100k on The Chase last night? Take this quiz to find out

They are the heroes we don’t deserve

Yesterday, a brave team of four won £100,000 on ITV’s The Chase, beating The Governess in their final chase.

This is most that has ever been won not just in the show’s history, but ever on a daytime TV quiz show.

Winning The Chase is something, but winning £100,000 in the process with all four contestants is the stuff of dreams.

How did they do it? By answering 17 questions correctly in their final chase, leaving Anne with a target of 21. (On The Chase, an extra point is awarded for each team member who makes it to the final chase).

But would you have won the money? Sure, you could sign up for the show and have a go, but in the meantime we’ve recreated the team’s final chase so you can try it out for yourself.

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