These are officially the easiest reality TV shows to get on, if you fancy a chance at fame

Sending my application to Dinner Date right now

You can moan about how everyone on reality TV shows these days just seems to want to be famous, but can you blame them when it seems like a pretty easy career choice? There are countless series you could apply for, and next thing you know you’re being showered in brand deals and have a million Instagram followers. So, should you fancy this life for yourself, what actually are the easiest reality shows to get on?

Uswitch has analysed which reality shows get the most applicants, compared to the average number of contestants who appear on the show. From this, a percentage score for how likely you are to get on the show has been created. So if you’re looking for a quick, and most importantly easy, way of getting on TV and having your shot at fame – here are the shows to apply to, and which ones you’re probably wasting your time with. No points awarded for guessing where Love Island sits.

These are the easiest reality TV shows to get on:

Get your applications into Countdown, because it’s officially the easiest reality show to get accepted on to. That could be because there’s a huge 250 contestants per series, which is nearly 30 per cent of the number of people who apply. Your next best shot is with Dress To Impress, or maybe you fancy your chances with a date on Dinner Date? Up next is A Place In The Sun (if you have the budget obviously), Supermarket Sweep and Tenable. There’s also a good chance you’ll get on Ibiza Weekender if you apply to spend a mad one with the reps. Then it’s Family Fortunes, Mastermind and The Chase.

Some honourable mentions of other shows which are fairly easy to get on include: Coach Trip (5.83 per cent chance), Take Me Out (3.81 per cent chance), Too Hot To Handle (2.92 per cent chance), Dragons’ Den (2.88 per cent chance), Britain’s Got Talent (2.86 per cent chance) and Come Dine With Me (2.45 per cent chance).

And here are the hardest reality TV shows to get on:

No surprises that the hardest reality TV show to get on is Love Island – it’s notoriously harder to get on there than to go to Oxbridge and these days it seems like you’d have to sell an organ to one of the producers to be in with a chance. There’s a tiny tiny 0.08 per cent chance of being a successful applicant. Then it is game show The Cube, Married At First Sight, The Circle, First Dates, DIY SOS, The Wall, Beat The Chasers, The Great British Bake Off and The Apprentice. There’s a 0.42 per cent chance if you apply, you could find yourself in the boardroom facing Lord Sugar.

Just out of the top ten hardest list, but some honourable mentions go to Gogglebox (0.62 per cent chance), Glow Up (0.76 per cent chance), Tipping Point (0.85 per cent chance) and MasterChef (around one per cent chance).

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